Our Team

At Champlin, our team members combine passion with creativity and expertise to plan, design, and deliver amazing results to our clients. Our years of service, reputation for excellence, and dedicated employees make our firm one of a kind. We are devoted to service and life-long learning and encourage our employees and clients to Think, Create, and Realize with us.


Our Staff

  • Ross Battoclette

    Ross Battoclette

  • Rachna Bhatia

    Rachna Bhatia

  • Katie Bock

    Katie Bock

  • Elizabeth Borcherding

    Elizabeth Borcherding

  • Rick Butera

    Rick Butera

  • Brian Carr

    Brian Carr

  • Robyn Davis

    Robyn Davis

  • Bryan Duncan

    Bryan Duncan

  • Jose Gutierrez

    Jose Gutierrez

  • Heather Hemmer

    Heather Hemmer

  • David Henners

    David Henners

  • Erin Hershberger

    Erin Hershberger

  • Sam Hofmann

    Sam Hofmann

  • Justin Jehn

    Justin Jehn

  • Jessica Kentrup

    Jessica Kentrup

  • Madeline LaPlante

    Madeline LaPlante

  • Melanie Lobsinger

    Melanie Lobsinger

  • Scott Logan

    Scott Logan

  • Scott Manners

    Scott Manners

  • Tim McGuire

    Tim McGuire

  • Tiffany Nartker

    Tiffany Nartker

  • Maya Phillips

    Maya Phillips

  • Abbey Quarles

    Abbey Quarles

  • Jim Ratliff

    Jim Ratliff

  • Alex Reed

    Alex Reed

  • SangHee Rhie

    SangHee Rhie

  • Bill Ryan

    Bill Ryan

  • Jim Schaeper

    Jim Schaeper

  • Andrew Schneider

    Andrew Schneider

  • Diana Short

    Diana Short

  • Katsuya Suematsu

    Katsuya Suematsu

  • Jay Thacker

    Jay Thacker

  • Mark Thurnauer

    Mark Thurnauer

  • Jennifer Tibbits

    Jennifer Tibbits

  • Julia White

    Julia White

  • Traci Witherspoon

    Traci Witherspoon

  • Tom Wolfzorn

    Tom Wolfzorn

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