Katsuya Suematsu
  • Education: University of Cincinnati / MArch
  • 13 Years with Champlin
  • 2 Years Prior Experience

Associate | Project Manager

Katsuya Suematsu

Katsuya’s work at Champlin has been focused on several different project types. His organized project approach allows him to balance many important projects at a time without delay or confusion. Katsuya takes great pride in his work and has a talent for conceptualizing the vision through the creation of digital imaging. His diligence and commitment ensure that his projects are complete on time and to the best of his ability.

Before Katsuya joined Champlin Architecture in 2010, he worked for a unique array of firms. He held co-op and internship positions in Cincinnati, Ohio; Seattle, Washington; and Nagoya, Japan. The experience gained while working in collaboration with so many different firms gives Katsuya a unique and experienced eye for exceptional design.

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