Our Team

The Champlin brand truly comes to life through each of our talented and hard-working employees. In order to provide the very best service to our clients, we provide our team with opportunities for continuing education, training, and access to the latest technology. We are committed to enriching the lives of the people and communities we serve. 

We believe in celebrating and encouraging diversity, making success attainable to all, and creating supportive communities. We do this by endeavoring to create an internal team whose differences reflect the richness of the communities in which we operate. We foster an inclusive workplace by ensuring that all of our insights and products reflect a diversification of thought and by championing the values that we wish to see in the world.


  • Rishi Tej Aritakula
    Project Coordinator

    Rishi Tej Aritakula

  • Evan Baker
    Project Coordinator

    Evan Baker

  • Erin Biglin
    Interior Designer

    Erin Biglin

  • Richele Blount
    Human Resources Manager

    Richele Blount

  • Katie Bock
    Senior Marketing Coordinator

    Katie Bock

  • Sara Broermann
    Accountant II

    Sara Broermann

  • Lauren Buckley
    Interior Designer

    Lauren Buckley

  • Brian Carr
    IT Manager

    Brian Carr

  • Jack Curnutte
    Marketing Coordinator

    Jack Curnutte

  • Aaron Detmer

    Aaron Detmer

  • Sarah Elter
    Project Coordinator

    Sarah Elter

  • Brandi Haney
    Interior Designer

    Brandi Haney

  • Heather Hemmer
    Interior Designer

    Heather Hemmer

  • David Henners

    David Henners

  • Mitch Hoffman
    Project Coordinator

    Mitch Hoffman

  • Laura Holzhauer
    Project Manager

    Laura Holzhauer

  • Abbey Hunter
    Interior Designer

    Abbey Hunter

  • Rakshita Jain
    Project Coordinator

    Rakshita Jain

  • Ryan Kennedy
    Project Coordinator

    Ryan Kennedy

  • Jessica Kentrup
    Marketing Coordinator

    Jessica Kentrup

  • Alejandra Lagunas
    Project Coordinator

    Alejandra Lagunas

  • Jacob Landini
    Project Coordinator

    Jacob Landini

  • Scott Logan

    Scott Logan

  • Kathy Luccasen

    Kathy Luccasen

  • Scott Manners
    Project Coordinator

    Scott Manners

  • Lauren McCarroll
    Project Coordinator

    Lauren McCarroll

  • Tim McGuire
    Project Manager

    Tim McGuire

  • Mikaela Meierhofer
    Project Coordinator

    Mikaela Meierhofer

  • Becca Messonnier
    Interior Designer

    Becca Messonnier

  • Tiffany Nartker
    Billing Specialist

    Tiffany Nartker

  • Jim Ratliff

    Jim Ratliff

  • Sanghee Rhie
    Project Manager

    Sanghee Rhie

  • Bill Ryan
    Construction Administration

    Bill Ryan

  • Mukta Rai Saxena
    Project Coordinator

    Mukta Rai Saxena

  • Jim Schaeper
    Specifications Writer

    Jim Schaeper

  • Andrew Schneider

    Andrew Schneider

  • Haley Albert
    Project Coordinator

    Haley Albert

  • Jeremy Swafford
    Project Coordinator

    Jeremy Swafford

  • Michael Sturgeon
    Project Coordinator

    Michael Sturgeon

  • Jay Thacker

    Jay Thacker

  • Jennifer Tibbits
    Graphic Designer

    Jennifer Tibbits

  • David Toombs

    David Toombs

  • Tom Wolfzorn
    IT Manager

    Tom Wolfzorn


  • Mike Battoclette

    Mike Battoclette

  • Steve Kurtz

    Steve Kurtz

  • Gary Volz

    Gary Volz

  • Joan Wurtenberger

    Joan Wurtenberger

  • John Wyler

    John Wyler

  • Bob Schilling

    Bob Schilling

  • Angela Rutherford

    Angela Rutherford

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