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The Future of Workplace Design

It’s no secret that the last few years have had a major impact on workplace design and how employees interact with traditional workspaces, spaces dedicated to them outside the home. Flexibility, shared offices and workstations, hybrid collaboration areas, and activity-based spaces have seen a significant increase in workplace design since the pandemic changed the way employees view and use the traditional workplace. Workplace design was gradually trending toward more collaborative and shared space and the increase in employees working from home pushed this design trend rapidly to the forefront.

Champlin Architecture has been working closely with our workplace clients to develop a purposeful and meaningful approach to the office, where employees can choose how they use their workspaces. Organizations are looking toward the future and how they can create their office as a destination where employees and clients want to spend time while still allowing them the flexibility of working in environments outside of the office. Employee health and wellness has also been trending for years and organizations are designing more activity-based spaces so employees have the option to choose the right environment, conducive to their everyday tasks, within the office.

How does this shift in the workplace environment impact our clients and our designs?

We start by listening to the specific needs of our clients and providing guidance based on our thought leadership and industry trends. Whether we are re-interpreting their current space or helping them find a more efficient space to lease or buy, we help our clients design an environment that meets their unique needs that will ultimately help them attract and retain employees. Our diverse experience with flexible workplace design provides our clients with the space they need for the future of their evolving organization.

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