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Design Process – how we do what we do

Our Process
At Champlin Architecture, our best work is thoughtful work that engages our clients and satisfies our desire to exceed your design expectations and meet our building commitments. Aspects which are key to a successful project are Communication, Collaboration and Commitment.
We consistently hear from our clients that we are expert communicators – so important, given the complexity of today’s projects. We are leaders in the profession of utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM) software as a collaborative design medium, maximizing coordination of the process. We also collaborate with multi-layered consultant teams to ensure concise coordination every step of the way towards completion.
A rare quality, commitment to project success is what sets our principals and project managers apart from our competitors.
Project Administration
The importance of project administration is tough to measure. At Champlin, our project administration staff is known for being responsive and approachable. These employees are easygoing, but organized and professional: the perfect combination for answering any urgent questions at any time.
Sustainable Design
At Champlin, we use best-in-class sustainable design strategies to help our clients. Our in-house accredited professionals provide guidance to certify projects through multiple rating systems such as LEED, Living Building Challenge, Green Globes and WELL Certification. Our staff maintains sustainable principles throughout all projects because sustainability is important to our company values.
The built environment has a profound impact on health, well-being, and happiness. Our team uses responsible material selection to ensure both people and the environment are protected from harmful contaminants. Our integrated approach ensures expertise in sustainable practices, documentation, and policy implementation. We provide the leadership necessary to deliver a holistic design solution that meets our clients’ needs for green buildings.
What We Do
We recognize that architecture is equal parts art and science, creative and analytical. We work with you to ensure that your organization’s image, values, and functions are analyzed and creatively translated into a building or space that represents your image, reinforces your values, and optimizes your functions.
We believe exceptional design emerges from a focused dialogue with the client, a thorough understanding of a project’s context, inspiration cultivated through education and experience, and meticulous supervision of the process. We are driven by design responsiveness, not predetermined style, to create solutions that unite function and context, achieving a high level of both refinement and practicality.

Design Ingenuity
Outstanding design demands more than aptitude.
Champlin architects are progressively focused solution seekers — inspired by the challenge, driven by creative problem solving, motivated by personal conviction.
Sound Foundation
Successful results demand more than commitment.
Champlin architects are dynamic communication-oriented leaders — knowledgeable by experience, grounded by practicality, guided by professional intuition.

Champlin’s project approach is systematic (organized, methodical, efficient) yet flexible. Our mantra is “Think, Create, Realize, Celebrate!” This is how we approach every project.
Think (SD Level)
A lot of research goes into our Thinking. The first step of any project is to gain a better understanding of the project goals, vision, and boundaries by meeting with your identified stakeholders. We will thoroughly review and evaluate the initial project space program and building layout (need to address this more broadly because what if it is for a new building – are we looking at the existing building program and layout in order to develop a new layout? What about the other visioning process- do we talk about this anywhere on the site or in this process?). This will be done through limited but important meetings with key personnel as designated (by whom). We will also “test” the program against VA design standards and Champlin’s own real-world experience and client feedback. We will evaluate equipment/furniture needs at this time to ensure that proposed square footages are real and will support the these needs. We will analyze flows and adjacencies to provide efficient layouts that will accommodate staff, visitors, and supplies. We will work with our Structural and MEP partners (and others as appropriate) to evaluate existing systems, infrastructure, accessibility, and site conditions to ensure that all proposed solutions are viable and real. This work results in schematic level project plans ready for submission to you. This is typically considered the 35% submission.
This needs to be written to both new building and interior tenant fit out scenarios… master planning…
Create (DD Level)
Once we have a full understanding of the project and have fully vetted the program and desired efficiencies, we will Create. We will continue the development of the schematic plans and building layouts that clearly define the scope of the project as well as clearly define each room’s equipment and furniture requirements and locations. (write for architectural building design) We will create plans, elevations, and renderings (if needed) to convey key design elements. Our process utilizes 3D visualization techniques to aid in understanding the design when that is appropriate. With the design team, we will create facility/infrastructure reports which define the existing conditions, the impact that the proposed renovations will have on those systems, and any shortfalls that need to be addressed as part of the project.

This is where Champlin Architecture’s experience and expertise sets us apart from other firms. We will refine the design as needed to ensure we stay on track without losing site of the primary goals and vision. We will take a deeper dive into the details of every department, every room, and every nook and cranny. From “how big of a building should we put on this site,” to “what is the proper hinge for this door,” Champlin cares. We live and breathe the details. We understand that everything is important and all decisions matter. We also understand the importance of stakeholder input. During this phase, we will further engage the stakeholders and user groups to further refine the design. It takes a special skill to successfully and efficiently run a user group meeting and the Champlin team has years of experience doing just this. We have learned how to listen to all voices, not just the loudest voice. We are also experts at hearing what is not said just as clearly as what is said. Often times the person who doesn’t say anything has the most to say.
The Champlin team also has a knack for taking what appear to be opposing objectives and creating a solution that exceeds expectations.
Compliance with building codes, VA design standards, Mechanical codes, and Life Safety Codes will also be validated during this phase. At the completion of this phase, we would be at 65% complete and ready for that level of official review.
Realize (CD Package)
The scope of the master plan will be realized in a comprehensive package that will be utilized in a public procurement process. We will create bid/permit and construction documents that are clear and concise. Champlin has a reputation for delivering quality bid/construction documents that enable the contractor to get the most equal, competitive pricing available as well as reduce coordination issues that can ultimately lead to project delays and cost overruns. Our vast, experienced interior design department will produce finish documents that maximize the benefits and beauty of your new spaces.

Champlin Architecture will address any Authority Having Jurisdiction concerns, and evaluate costs and schedule to ensure that this project becomes reality. During Construction, our team will participate in Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings and perform other standard Construction Administration responsibilities to ensure that the goals and vision from that very first project kick-off meeting are not lost through the construction process. We will be there from the initial kick-off meeting through to the completion of the final punch list items and beyond.
Happy clients make us happy. We have a long list of satisfied clients who count on us time and time again to deliver on some of the most complex projects imaginable. We look forward to celebrating the completion of this project with you!

The process of design and how we engage and collaborate with our clients – inclusive process
We also have a TON of experience and will hold their hands along the way.

Talking about innovation and sustainability somewhere in process perhaps? Need to maybe have the process and things to think about – because we should probably address the sustainability piece somewhere – need to think about where exactly that goes?

This was our mantra (on the THINK wall) – do we still need to put it somewhere?

What can Champlin help you with today?