Project Case Studies

#Tbt University of Cincinnati

It's #tbt! In 2016, the third and final phase of renovations for the Teachers College at the University of Cincinnati was completed. The project involved renovating 200,000 square feet of the existing building while remaining open to students and faculty.

We completely reoriented the Teachers College complex physically (which was previously two separate buildings that had been joined with two additions). A brand new façade addition, seamlessly designed to fit the building context, features a new main building entrance, opening onto a courtyard quadrangle positioned in conjunction with the campus’ redesigned open space and pedestrian circulation systems. This new façade and quadrangle landscape design physically and outwardly expresses a new identity for the building, and firmly establishes the College as one of many special “places” at the University.

We were thrilled to be a part of such a big project at our local University and helping promote Cincinnati!

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