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National Hire A Veteran Day

Today is National Hire a Veteran Day and we would like to introduce everyone to two of our favorite veterans: Bill Ryan and Mike Reddell!

Before his life at Champlin, Bill attended the United States Military Academy West Point, served in the Army for 30 years and also earned his Degree of Master of Science from the University of Illinois! These days, Bill works on the construction administration side at Champlin and is very active in his church and community.

A Principal and Architect at Champlin, Mike served in the US Army, 249th Engineering Battalion for two years where he was stationed in Germany, working on renovation and construction projects. He also attended the College of Architecture and Environmental Design at Arizona State University. Outside of the office, you can typically find him spending time with his kids or practicing his drumming skills!
We would like to send a huge thank you to Bill and Mike, and to all those veterans out there, for their military service and dedication.

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