Marilyn Wills
  • Education: University of Cincinnati / 1984 / BA in Interior Design
  • 32 Years with Champlin
  • 5 Years Prior Experience


Marilyn Wills

With almost 30 years of experience at Champlin, you better believe there’s very little that Marilyn’s hasn’t seen and helped her clients to overcome during the project process. Marilyn is a detail-oriented Project Manager with a focus on healthcare and medical office space design. When you’re creating environments that have to function efficiently, yet provide attractive and healing workplaces for patients and medical staff, you need to maintain balance. Marilyn does that through teamwork. She consistently provides effective communication to clients throughout the entire design and delivery process. And she does the same for us. Marilyn is a part of the Champlin team who organizes the social events throughout the Champlin office, helping promote strong interpersonal bonds among employees. She also specializes in cooking, having written two cookbooks with her sister. Marilyn also utilizes her talents to design and create original jewelry, using a variety of metals, natural stones, pearls, and glass beads.

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