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Our firm’s roots extend deep into the architectural history of Cincinnati. Starting with Harry Hake’s prolific career dating back to 1895, we have unmistakably shaped the city’s landscape. His legacy extended through several partnerships, to his son, architect Harry Hake Jr., and grandson, architect Harry Hake III.

In 1978, when Harry Hake III (leader of the three-generation firm that started in 1895) decided to leave the profession, two of his associates, Russ Champlin and Bob Haupt established Champlin/Haupt Architects, Inc. As a new company, the founders kept the commitment to the Cincinnati region and continued a tradition of excellent architectural services.

In 1990, Russ and Bob decided to retire, and Robert Schilling, John Wyler, Joan Tepe-Wurtenberger, and Michael J. Battoclette took the helm, as the firm continued to focus on a commercial, institutional, corporate, and hospital client base. In the last several years, the firm has added additional shareholders, and steady growth has ensued, both in size of projects and number of staff.

In 2009, Champlin/Haupt went through a comprehensive rebranding process, which resulted in a new firm name — Champlin Architecture. We explored our core principles and defined the firm’s vision to build on our past success and ingenuity. Champlin Architecture remains committed to the legacy that has shaped it, building on past success, boldly envisioning the future of architecture. The result is a revitalized brand identity that positions Champlin for leadership in the future of design.

Champlin Architecture's commitment to client services resulted in the opening of several regional offices. The Dayton, OH office opened in 2013. In 2014, Champlin Architecture opened a regional office in downtown Indianapolis, IN, further expanding its service base with workplace, higher ed, and healthcare clients across the state. 2015 included expansion into northern Ohio when our Toledo office was established. Champlin solidified its presence in Kentucky by opening a Lexington office in 2016.

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